I spent five days at Como, Italy. It was lovely to show my little boy my favourite country! He was watching the italian boys playing soccer on the street and of course all the cars driving through the narrow streets. My son enjoyed the breakfast at the bar and pasta for lunch AND dinner. It was so good to see this country through the eyes of a child. It is still my favourite one.


My personal sights of COMO

My personal sights of COMO

Garden Journal

I recently made this illustrated quote for a journal title. Gardening is my second passion.




Some snaps about roses

I made some paper collage sketches about roses. This flower is my favourite one. I love especially all kind of pink and rose roses.


Starting this blog

There was a time that I had a blog and I really liked writing. Than there was a time that I wanted to have some free time to fill my sketch books with new illustrations and ideas. OFFLINE. I think today I am going to restart writing blog posts from time to time.